Remedies and Proper Posture to Stop Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain could be very difficult since you may not be able to be at your best. The pain and discomfort could hinder you from moving even the slightest effort. You cannot walk, stand and even lie down properly without your pesky back getting in the way. And most of all, you have tried all the remedies that you can think of; you have tried pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs and other types of medications to no avail.

But there are smarter and safer approaches to lower back pain and these does not include taking pain relievers or using chemicals to reduce pain. This is through the use of alternative remedies for lower back pain.

The power of warmth

An alternative to medication is the use of warm compresses. Warmth delivers chemicals that could stop inflammation and thus improves blood flow and healing in the affected area. Warmth may be applied to the lower back with the use of a compress, the use of an electric blanket, the use of thermal mats and by bathing in warm water.

Pressure and massage

Massage may be used however it must be used with caution. Applying gentle pressure on the painful area increases blood flow and thus improves the delivery of chemicals that can reduce inflammation and stop the pain. The most common massage technique is by pressing and then sliding the finger tips along the area. The use of massage oil or heating oil improves massage techniques. Massages should be done as regularly as possible for lower back pain.

Age old acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternative remedy for back pain that has been done for centuries. It involves the use of long sterile needles inserted over the pressure points of the body to reduce pain and other medical conditions. Acupuncture is done by a professional and it could take more than one session to completely benefit from acupuncture techniques.

Hiring professional chiropractors

Chiropractic manipulation is done by a chiropractor. The spine or the back is manually manipulated to reduce pain and to help improve blood flow to the area. A professional chiropractor is best suited for this technique and just like acupuncture; a patient may need to come back for further treatment to be able to completely reduce pain.

Strengthening your core

Using yoga is another alternative remedy. Yoga strengthens the body’s core which helps reduce back pain. With the use of a variety of yoga positions, movements and breathing exercises, the body is able to relax and hence reduce different types of ailments such as back pain. Yoga keeps the spine, the neck and the hips aligned so that lower back pain may be reduced.

Power of proper posture

Using wearable devices that promote proper posture like posture belts and corrective posture devices like the Lumo Back are effective ways to reduce lower back pain. The Lumo Back for instance, helps the wearer consciously correct his posture by vibrating. It actually senses if the user is slouching and vibrates to correct posture; regular use reduces back pain and helps prevent discomfort in the future with good posture.

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